Hi, welcome to our website. We had plans to make our website a long time ago but as always, we could not find the time to prepare our own website as we were kept busy creating other websites and different logos, brochures etc. This version of our website is brief and to the point. We have uploaded a few contents for the time being but we promise to upload and update this website from now on.

Now here's something about our company. We are small in size, but big in ideas. We have got an office located in South Kolkata, West Bengal, India, which is spacious enough to accommodate our team of designers, visualisers and marketing people. This company was established in the year 2007 and it is providing support to more than 60 companies worldwide.
Surely you often dream of a domain on the internet -a pleasant, luxurious home to provide you with all the facilities that a successful man may have a desire for. Here's what you do in order to make your dream come true: Pick up your phone and call us, whenever you wish, informing us of your dream. Relax in your cozy armchair while we create for you the loveliest homestead on the internet that will make you proud.

With a home on the internet you will be in a position to meet the world at your doorstep without even trying. The message about what you have to offer will reach all corners of the Globe in a few seconds. Believe it, we can make this dream of yours come true, because we too dream of being at the service of personalities of eminence such as you. Your satisfaction will trigger off our eagerness to serve you better. Don't you think it worthwhile to bask in the sunshine on the terrace of a wonderful home in full view of the world at large?
In the next few pages you will come to know about the range of activities we are into. Think about anything related to web, we do it. We are a group of software professionals ready to handle any task of your choice. Our motto is to give you the best in the industry and to work as per your budget.

So, what's keeping you from getting in touch with us ? We are your next-door neighbours, just a phone call away.
Last Updated on .... 18th October 2008